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It can indeed be an unnerving experience to send your barely 12-year-old into an interview chamber, well aware that the outcome of this session could significantly influence their secondary school decision. However, with proper preparation and practice, this hurdle can be transformed into a stepping stone for success.

The Direct School Admission (DSA) Secondary interview often marks the initiation of a young student into the world of interviews. Yet, armed with adequate preparation, your child can establish a positive, lasting impression.

In terms of academics, rest assured, we’ve got you covered with comprehensive preparatory classes like the DSA Math Prep class at Future Academy. These sessions promise a hands-on encounter with typical questions encountered in DSA entrance exams, coupled with tailored guidance to approach them effectively. Our accomplished DSA training team, led by Principal Tutor Ms Yvonne Chen, a seasoned professional who set DSA Math papers during her tenure at RGS, ensures an enriching learning experience.

While the core focus remains the academic subject, we invite our students to seek advice from their tutors on any aspect of the DSA process or interviews.

So, let’s delve into some frequently asked DSA interview questions and share some insightful tips to make a memorable impression!

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Common DSA-Sec Interview Questions

Questions about yourself

  • How would you describe yourself in three adjectives?
  • What are your leisure time activities?
  • Can you tell us about your strengths and weaknesses?

These queries aim to comprehend the student’s holistic personality. Teachers are interested in knowing more about you beyond your academic or CCA achievements. Students should display a balance of self-awareness and humility when presenting themselves.

Questions about the school and programme

  • What motivated you to apply to our school?
  • Where does our school stand in your preference list?
  • How can you contribute to our school if given a chance to join?

The interviewers are keen to know your level of research and knowledge about the school. Demonstrate your understanding of the unique features of the school, how it aligns with your growth trajectory, and your potential contribution to their community.

Questions about your talent area (academic, leadership, or CCA)

  • Could you share your greatest achievement and the journey towards it?
  • What has been your proudest moment?
  • How did you contribute to your CCA as a leader?

While most DSA applicants have commendable achievements on paper, these questions present an opportunity to distinguish yourself by revealing your motivation, processes, and attitudes driving your success.

Other questions

  • If you had the power to solve a global problem today, which one would you tackle, and why?
  • Can you discuss a recent news event that captured your attention?

Interviewers may pose questions about current affairs or global issues. Although it’s hard to prepare for every possible question, students should exhibit curiosity about the world beyond their immediate surroundings and an ability to articulate opinions on complex subjects.



Strategies for Excelling in the DSA-Sec Interview

Speak Concisely Keep your responses succinct and relevant, focusing on answering the interviewer’s question directly. Overly long and tangential responses may give an impression of lack of clarity or comprehension.

Be Authentic and Honest Your responses should be your own, based on personal experiences. Answers that appear rehearsed or generic fail to impress. By sharing unique experiences in your own words, you display sincerity and leave a lasting impression.

Exhibit Confidence While feeling nervous is natural, the key is to maintain composure and avoid lengthy pauses or excessive use of filler words. Regular rehearsals and practicing your responses aloud can enhance your confidence.

Demonstrate Your Potential Contributions Schools seek talented individuals who can adapt to the school’s culture and contribute to its success. Highlight how your unique abilities and experiences can enhance the school community.

Present Yourself as a Holistic Individual Don’t restrict your narrative to just your applied talent area. Your discussion should extend to other talents, skills, and passions that reflect your multifaceted personality.

In conclusion, with these sample questions and tips, we aim to set you on the right path for your child’s DSA-Sec interview preparation. Remember, it’s okay if the process isn’t perfect initially – it’s their first interview, after all!

If you’re interested in additional academic coaching for your child’s upcoming DSA exam or interview, we are available for training and consultations. Reach out to us to schedule a coaching session. Do you have teens already in secondary school? Explore our range of courses like IP Math tuition and more!